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The Bottega Art Bartolozzi e Maioli, born in 1938, the meeting of Fiorenzo Bartolozzi, Florence and Ravenna Giuseppe Maioli. From quest'amicizia, born a friendship and an important artistic alliance that will see them together,

actors in positions of great responsibility and travel around the mondo.Dal 1940 the 1944 The Company temporarily ceased operations for the call to the front of two colleagues , but on their return , immediately after he emerged as artists in carving and restoration, in Italy and abroad, will be chosen for an important task and will be committed to 12 years: recurrence, the Abbey of Monte Cassino and the Choir Sacristy. Durante questo lungo periodo si creerà

spontaneamente una scuola di apprendistato artistico, directed by sculptors dueamici designers, Italians still working through internships and community europea.Nel meantime the company will become an important cultural meeting will follow one another relentlessly where many prominent personalities from the art world, not excluding those related to cinema, theater, political players, writers, etc.Nel giro di poco tempo la Ditta Bartolozzi e Maioli è conosciuta in tutto il mondo ed i suoi

quasi 70 years of experience have allowed even to make contact and carry out projects in areas ranging from the simplicity of the Quirinal Palace in Rome, spirituality of the churches as the Cathedral of Sassari, the lavish opulence of the palaces of the UAE.
In addition, simultaneously, Fiorenzo Bartolozzi and Giuseppe Maioli, have collected since the early years of their many examples of wooden artifacts recovered from the dismantling of several churches in central Italy, during the liturgical reform. The findings, but incomplete, everyone go back to the 18th century. This collection, now also serves, beyond the structural restoration, well when you have to redo the style, avoiding errors esecuzione.Oggi, Bottega Art Bartolozzi e Maioli is driven by the daughter of Fiorenzo Bartolozzi, Fiorenza e si può configurare come la tipica continuazione delle

botteghe rinascimentali fiorentine, last important work done: the restoration of the two rooms in Moscow Kremlin, appointed Andrew S. and S. Alessandro, quelle dell’ultimo

Zar Romanov.Le bellissime creazioni di Bartolozzi e Maioli, le potete trovare anche su: